Clapping for Tafta Staff
30Apr, 2020

Clapping for Tafta

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We are so appreciative of the many messages of support we’ve received during this difficult time of National Lockdown. Thank you to everyone who has acknowledged the efforts made by our dedicated staff to ensure the safety of elders in our care.

Neil Green wrote:

“Those of us at home, we feel like we are making sacrifices. And we are – we can’t do the things we want to do and some of us are losing money here or there. But the sacrifice you are making is on another level.

“I want to say thank you. The people you care for are obviously not strangers to you. You have a relationship with them. There’s friendship and a familial bond. But to put aside your own life to be with the people who need you now, this shows a level of dedication that I salute.”

Sharks rugby star, Ruben van Heerden said:

“To all the care workers and everyone involved at Tafta, from the bottom of my heart, a very big thank you for what you are doing for the people that are most vulnerable in these strange times.

“I want to thank, motivate and encourage you and let you know that the sacrifices you are making are not going unseen. What you leave behind is not engraved in stone monuments, but is woven into the lives of others.”