29Jul, 2016

Celebrating Dynamic Women

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Charmaine Roue (left) and Lorraine Pretorius embody the concept of healthy and active ageing

Women’s month is the perfect time to share stories about women who inspire and motivate us – and Tafta has its fair share among our residents, staff and volunteers.

Lorraine Pretorius lives in Wentworth and is a member of our Primrose Lifestyle Centre, as well as the Happy Hearts Club. She has always had a love of sport and used to captain the local hockey team. Lorraine has been involved in the Golden Games Programme since 2011. She and her team compete in Pass the Ball and can boast having been National Champions a few times. She not only motivates and drives her team into doing their best, she has also emerged as a natural leader who has taken responsibility for the admin tasks, care of equipment, training of participants and mentoring. She now attends the Golden Games meetings as the voice of the ‘Go Getters” team. She has an excellent way of calming the participants as well as energising them, both really good skills of a community champion.

At 105 years of age, Gogo Lisa is one of the oldest residents at Ilungelo Labadala, Amaoti. Her only income is an Old Age Grant. After paying R1270  for rent she is left with just R250 – which she sends home to her family. Her children are already pensioners themselves and the money helps take care of her unemployed grandchildren and great grandchildren. Gogo Lisa is very strong and healthy. She is not on any chronic medication and she comes down to the centre every day.

Marleen Lee is a cancer survivor who lives at John Conradie House. She had been undergoing radium treatment for the past few months, but still volunteers at JCH on days she’s not at the hospital. She helps by running OT activities for the residents, e.g. exercises and bingo. Despite all her personal and health tribulations she still remains a reliable and valued member of the team.

Shirley Coetzee also volunteers at John Conradie House, coordinating and facilitating the word search games for our frail, Assisted living and other residents every Monday morning. She has been doing this for many years and selflessly spoils the residents with prizes like toiletries and condiments.

Charmaine Roue hails from the Bluff and is a new member of both Bluff Club & Primrose Lifestyle Centre. When she heard about the Golden Games Programme, Charmaine immediately wanted to be part of it. She has a background in athletics; she ran the Comrades Marathon several times and now officiates at this event. She is currently a technical official of KZN Athletics and specialises in youth development, which involves training, mentoring and linking eager recipients to resources available to them. Charmaine is showing passion in sport development within the geriatric sector and now actively trains the Golden Games group with various fun and effective exercises. This enriches the Healthy and Active Ageing goal that Tafta has embraced.

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