5Feb, 2019

Boutique retirement village launches in Hillcrest

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Camelot Retirement Village is the newest retirement opportunity to launch within KZN’s popular and fast growing Hillcrest area. Situated within one of the longest standing estates, Camelot Retirement Village will form part of Camelot Estate, offering 44 apartments in Phase 1, with 1, 1.5, 2 and 3-bedrooms. From R1, 845 000, retirees will have access to multigenerational living, first-rate healthcare on their doorstep, a myriad of facilities, as well as superior homes with exquisite views

“Camelot Estate is the perfect location for a luxury retirement village. It’s tranquil, picturesque, safe and prides itself on its close-knit community,” said Wicus Jacobs, Director of Camelot Retirement Village Pty Ltd. “Our research shows that more than 50% of the long-standing owners within Camelot Estate are over 65 years old, while 72% of the new owners are within the 50-year age range, therefore, making it the ideal location for a retirement estate.”

Residents will enjoy scenic lush green hills, abundant birdlife, open waters, weeping willow trees, rolling fairways, castle-like buildings and Tudor-style homes synonymous with Camelot Estate. The retirement village architecture will be heavily influenced by the existing tudor-style aesthetics and Phase 1 will incorporate the castle-like façade.

The retirement village will have direct access to an onsite Care Centre, which will be run by Tafta Premium Care who bring over 60 years’ experience in specialised care. The Care Centre will be built within the first phase and will provide residents with onsite nurses and a sessional doctor, regular blood sugar levels, cholesterol and blood pressure tests, wellness management, frail care and a clinic for basic monitoring.

“The Tafta Premium Care package has been created as a luxury healthcare solution that ensures elders’ independence and exceptional quality of life; their healthcare needs are monitored with a multi-disciplinary team, such as audiologist, physiotherapist, social worker and a medical doctor. Tafta Premium Care is targeted at those who are still independent but seeking regular support on a daily basis,” explains Femada Shamam, Tafta CEO.

Residents will have a swimming pool near the Care Centre and access to existing facilities within the estate, including a bowling green with communal seating, tennis court, a 3km nature trail, and 18-hole golf course.

Camelot Retirement Village will not only provide a luxury, first-class lifestyle for retirees, it offers incredible security. From having 24-hour guards, biometric access as well as fencing around the entire estate, to the security of having an onsite care centre and neighbours close by.

“With the growing demand for exceptional retirement living, we have already seen a lot of interest in this product offering,” closes Jacobs.