27Sep, 2017

Fun bowls tournament to be held in aid of TAFTA

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The Durban Bowling Club will be hosting a fun bowls tournament in aid of Tafta.

Members of the Durban Bowling Club said it was their pleasure to salute the aged  –  in honour of parents who always provided a safe haven for their children, who gave out hugs, words of encouragement and comfort.

Join in the tournament on Sunday, 5 November at 08h30.

Format: Nominated Trips. Any combination. 3 Games of 10 ends
Dress: Mufti
Cost: R300 per team (includes morning tea and light lunch)

1st prize: R1200
2nd prize: R900
3rd prize: R600

There are more prizes and vouchers galore!

Contact Margaret on 072 049 3131 or email margie@vdlingen.net  to be a part of this special event.

Margaret of the Durban Bowling Club  said, “In honouring senior persons, we are requesting you, your family and friends to please donate to Tafta any new or used bed linen, cushions, blankets, duvets, duvet covers, towels, face cloths etc. Also any clothes or shoes in good condition would be gratefully received. These items will provide warmth, comfort and dignity to the needy. Any toiletry items such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, soaps, hand creams, combs, hairbrushes and nail brushes, deodorants, talcum powders, emery boards, and much more would be most welcome ! No gift wrapping necessary. Plastic bags will suffice.”

Thank you to the Durban Bowling Club and all those participating in this event. We are so grateful for your compassion towards the elderly folk in our care.