11Jul, 2016

Active Ageing: here’s how it’s done

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Keeping active physically as we age is one thing . . . but keeping mentally active is just as important. The perception that elderly people just want to sit and drink tea, play bingo or reminisce about the ‘good old days’ is simply not true. Many Tafta residents enjoy learning new skills, studying, and engaging in activities that offer intellectual challenges.

Tafta Park resident, 82 year old Jim McDougal is a formidable bridge and chess player. He learned to play bridge in 1965 in Scotland before immigrating to South Africa and still plays regularly with 3 other residents, all of a similar age.

He says the best thing about the game is that it requires concentration and keeps him thinking. Jim also loves chess. He plays for the fun of it and for the opportunity to interact with other residents.

Joan Cadman was 69 years old when her first poem, Streetlight was published in 2004. This was followed by Drakensberg in 2005, To a daughter in 2006 and Beauty in 2007.

Now aged 81, Joan still loves reading and writing about nature and family. Her favourite poet is Helen Steiner-Rice.