Sports Day at Tafta
10Dec, 2020

A better life awaits …

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If you’re active on social media, you may have noticed numerous posts recently of Tafta residents having a whole lot of fun!

From being included in our fabulous festive lunches to being gifted with all sorts of goodies from caring Durbanites, our elders are really spoiled … as they deserve … at this time of year. And the spoiling continues pretty much all year round! We enjoy a constant stream of visitors to our Homes, who bring entertainment, treats, pamper manicure sessions, dancing lessons, sports days, and opportunities to learn all sorts of handcrafts. There’s never a dull moment at Tafta!

Happy and active
Our Homes and Wellness Centres are active, happy places, offering seniors of all ages and fitness levels the opportunity to really enjoy their golden years. If you are over the age of 60, have been a permanent resident of Durban for at least one year and have a minimum income of a State Pension, why not think about joining our Tafta family?

Accommodation options
Choose from a range of accommodation options to suit all pockets and fitness levels – from rooms to rent, to spacious, upmarket flats for rent or sale. Our buildings have been selected with convenience in mind; some are close to the beach or the hospital, others are centrally situated or near shopping centres, libraries and other facilities.

Most of our buildings are on bus routes, and many have their own facilities, such as communal laundries, ‘tuck’ shops, libraries (some with internet facilities), hairdressers, clinics and even chapels.

You’ll find a full list of accommodation and facilities offered by Tafta on our website.

Many older people resist the idea of moving into a retirement home. They value their independence and fear being “shut away in a community of dull, old people”. When circumstances finally force them to move, they are amazed at how their lives suddenly open up again.

Loneliness – a major problem for the elderly
Living on your own as an elder can be terribly lonely. Spouses die, children grow up and are busy with their own lives (often in a different city or even a different country). Safety is another major concern, with home invasions and car hijackings at an all time high.

As we get older, dwindling energy levels can make home maintenance a burden. Activities we previously enjoyed, like gardening, can become ‘too much’ for creaking knees; even changing a light bulb is a chore.

Compare this to life in a Tafta Home – where someone else takes care of all the boring maintenance tasks. You don’t even have to cook for yourself if you don’t want to!

Peace of mind
Sit back and enjoy peace of mind, companionship and security … in fact, the freedom to live your life the way you want to. And if you should fall ill or become frail and unable to care for yourself properly, there’s the comfort of knowing there are well trained people at hand to help you.

For the fit and healthy, our social clubs and Wellness Centres provide an opportunity to meet new friends and participate in a range of activities – from bingo, bridge and chess, to dancing, exercise and ‘Masterchef’ classes and a variety of sports. We even have an annual sports day with teams competing against each other.

So if you’re looking for a place to live that will keep you safe, enable you to stay active, to make friends and to be part of a greater family, please contact the Intake Social Worker on +27 31 332 3721 or email to enquire about living in one of our Homes. Or you can apply online on our website.