7Feb, 2019

60 years captured in print

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When we sat down to create a coffee table book in celebration of Tafta’s 60th birthday, we wanted to capture, not only the organisation’s amazing history, but also the elders who are so much a part of everything we do.

102-year-old Josephine Asher is one such person. Together with her husband, Peter, she has lived at Cambridge Gardens for 17 years. Despite her age, Josephine has a wonderful memory and can clearly recall details of her early life in England, before immigrating to South Africa to be with her husband.

Peter’s mother, Mary, was the first Chairperson of The Association for the Aged. The family has been associated with Tafta for 58 years, as well as various other charity projects. One of their proudest achievements was receiving the prestigious Paul Harris Award from Rotary for their 55 years involvement in charity work.

Josephine has been in a wheelchair for 10 years, and her husband has been blind for 15 years. Although they have faced emotional and physical challenges, theirs is an inspiring love story – and they have also proved that they have enough love to share with others.

With over 90 pages of beautiful images, stories and information, Tafta’s Celebrating 60 Years is a book you’ll want to own! Priced at just R350, the book may be ordered direct from Tafta. Please call us on 031 332 3721 or email info@tafta.org.za