Tafta Park
24Jun, 2020

3rd Covid-19 case recorded, at Tafta Park

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A third Tafta elder, a resident at Tafta Park Care Cottage in the south of Durban, has been found to be Covid-19 positive following admission to a private hospital in Durban yesterday.

As part of the hospital’s pre-admission procedure, the elder, in her 80’s, was tested and results today confirmed her positive status. She will remain in the hospital.

Three care staff, two kitchen staff and the home’s sister, together with the eight frail elders in the Care cottage have been put into immediate isolation whilst they await results of Covid-19 tests. Full scale screening will begin immediately throughout Tafta Park.

The home will also immediately go into lockdown and the Department of Health have been contacted for further assistance.

These recent developments are devastating to Tafta and we appeal for the support of the community through thoughts and prayer as we navigate this difficult time.

If you have any queries regarding friends or family members residing at the facility, please contact the management team of the home or email intake@tafta.org.za