Kin Fit with Ron & Shayna
20Aug, 2020

100km run for Tafta by Kin Fit, with Ron and Shayna

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Pictured above are sister and brother team, Shayna and Ron of Kin Fit.

On Sunday 9 August, Tafta was the chosen beneficiary of a 100km run hosted by Kin Fit, with Ron and Shana, who completed this amazing feat in Tafta’s honour. Through this event, Ron and Shayna were able to raise total amount of R4804.94 for Tafta. We are extremely proud of Ron & Shana for completing the 100km run in good spirits. Thank you for your loyal dedication and commitment to serving the elderly.

If you want to show your support for this amazing venture, you can still applaud the extreme effort and dedication of Ron & Shayna by making a donation to Tafta. Please use 3Fold and your name and surname as the reference.

Here’s what they had to say about the event:

Where did your love for running and fitness begin?
Our love for running began on Christmas Day 2017. We decided “Why wait for New Years Day to start our fitness resolution? What better day than today?!”

Ronald had struggled with his weight his entire life, and with the help and motivation of his sister Shayna, decided to get a head start on their weight loss journey. Over the next few months, after having lost over 18kgs, we decided to not just run for the sake of running. We wanted to run for a cause. Give back to those in need, with Tafta being at the top of our list.

We were approached by a few newspapers, who were following our fitness journey, and they were inspired by the work we were doing. Especially as we were a brother and sister duo. That’s where the idea of Running Kin came about. Running Kin is now a registered running club with ASA.

Running Kin is a unique name and brand, where did the name originate and what does RunningKin entail?
Sitting down to breakfast after having completed our first half marathon, we got brainstorming. We wanted to host a charity event in support of Tafta. A lot of the newspapers had been referring to us as a brother and sister duo. We wanted to come up with a name that would be recognisable when hosting future events. We were runners. Check. And we are family. Check. Another term for family (someone close to you) was KIN. And that’s how we got RUNNING KIN.

How did this progress to running for charity and establishing Kin Fit with Ron & Shayna?
After having lost a collective of 52kgs between us, we had reached our “fitness” goals. We had taken part in many races. Got the t-shirt. Been there done that. We wanted to do more. We wanted to run for a purpose. For a cause.

Sitting down to a meeting with Prevashni from Tafta, we had committed (off the records) to running Comrades. We had sealed our fates. There was no turning back. Never had we ever thought that it would be possible, but we did it. We literally went from “couch to Comrades” within a year and a half.

After having completed Comrades, our journey had inspired a lot of people to join our social runs. And eventually join our running club. We believe that anything is truly possible if you commit and set your mind to it. That is when we decided to create KIN FIT with Ron & Shayna. A marathon inspired bootcamp. We had documented our training plan leading to Comrades and decided to incorporate that into KIN FIT. Tried and tested. We wanted to break stereotypes. You don’t have to be super fit and skinny to take part. You just need to take the first step. Join. That’s the hardest part. Stepping out of your comfort zone.

Is there a history of fitness and running in your family?
Our father was an avid boxer and won the Natal Boxing Champion title. He also competed in the World Champs 100m Sprint (Masters Category)

We know that Tafta is extremely close to your heart, what made you decide to choose Tafta as your charitable beneficiary?
Our grandmother was truly the heart and soul of our family. She was the absolute essence of a kind beautiful soul. Selfless and humble. The love she had for her grandchildren was truly something else. Before she passed she had been diagnosed with dementia, which was heartbreaking.

It’s easy for us to forget that our grandparents , the elderly, lived lives before we were born. They wrote the book on life. They were young, carefree and have stories of their own. So when you experience dementia firsthand, you realise that you do what needs to be done to make sure they are cared for and protected. We were aware of the work Tafta was doing, and loved their mission statement “inspiring a life worth living” – allowing the elderly to live their best lives.

This Sunday, you ran 100km in honour of TAFTA, how did you prepare for this amazing feat?
Apart from run, nothing. We are very blessed with an amazing support system (friends, family and running club/family)
All we had to worry about was getting through the 100km. Our Running Kin Team Captains, Lushen and Chantelle, arranged a gazebo with refreshments. Members of our running club took turns running alongside us at different points throughout. We had an amazing seconder, Jenna, who drove alongside us the WHOLE way. Giving us water, rehydrate and food.

Throughout the run there were changes in the weather, a drop in energy levels and a huge goal to achieve – what kept you going throughout?
The heat was unbearable. Dehydration set in and you sort of become delirious. As mentioned, our seconder was amazing, as well as the continued support of all our friends and family. Making sure we were safe and motivated. There were many times that we wanted to quit, but that would have been all too easy. We were running for Tafta. We needed to finish. Regardless if we had to walk the whole way. Quitting wasn’t an option.

Intergenerational bonding is one of TAFTA’s main goals to bridge the gap between old and young, what advice can you give to younger generations on the importance of elder care?

  • Patience – you need to be patient. We are caught up in a world of social media. Fast paced lives. It’s easy to forget how to slow down. We become impatient and frustrated.
  • Understanding – we need to understand that the elderly can also become frustrated with their surroundings.
  • Listen – sometimes you just need to listen. The elderly are the storytellers of the past.
  • Respect – the elderly have written the book on life. You may think you know it all, but they know more. Treating someone with respect is not only humbling, but makes you all the more better for it.

Do you have any special memories of the elders in your life?
Our grandmother was THE best cook. She had eleven children. So she was very good at putting on a spread. One of the fondest memories we have of our grandmother was how she could have “nothing” in the fridge and still make the most delicious meals for her grandchildren.

When you aren’t training, how do you spend your time?
On our off days of training, we are training others. Days are pretty busy, but we wouldn’t trade it for anything else in the world. Helping others achieve their goals is not only rewarding for them, but for us too. When we do have some time for ourselves, we generally spend it with our family, or socialising with friends.

What are your top 5 tips for living a healthy lifestyle?

  • Do it for you – you are worth it.
  • Enjoy the journey – don’t rush it.
  • Eat more whole foods. Drink more water.
  • Break old habits. Create new healthy ones. Step out of your comfort zone.
  • Work on your overall happiness. We are strong believers that being happy plays a big part in a healthy lifestyle.

What is next up for Kin Fit with Ron & Shayna?
This Sunday (weather permitting) we will be hosting a High Intensity Bootcamp for women in support of POWA – People Opposing Women Abuse. This is a free event, open to everyone of all fitness levels. Limited to 20 ladies due to social distancing regulations. This is in celebration of Women’s Month.