10Feb, 2016

Never too old …

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Often we discuss the plight of elderly people in our care as a group – but of course, it’s a group made up of individuals. Each one is unique and special and, as someone who supports our work, we thought you’d enjoy getting to know them better.

… to sew
My mother bought me my first sewing machine – a ‘Singer’,” says Sathie Naicker. In 1964 she opened a dress shop in Durban and was very successful. Now retired, Sathie is still sewing, and loves it!

… to run
At the age of 65, Hester Bekker ran her first Comrades Marathon. She started running a few years ago, after doctors warned her to change her diet and start exercising if she didn’t want to die from high blood pressure, heart failure, angina or cholesterol. “I am so humbled when young people tell me I am an inspiration, and they hope they can be like me when they get to this age,” she says.

… to learn
I was inspired to learn about Body Talk healing,” says TAFTA resident, R. Naicker. “I work with residents at the Mary Asher Centre and Ray Hulett House. It gives me real joy to see pain relief on their faces, and know that I am helping to make them happier.”

… to give
A resident of John Conradie House, Don Crouch is one of those who battles to make ends meet on a small pension. Yet when he received the gift of some tinned food recently, rather than enjoy the extra treat, he donated it to his church’s outreach project to help feed the hungry. “I get meals here at the home,” explained Don. “I’d rather this food went to someone in real need.”