16Jul, 2015

Message from Margie

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Dear Friend of TAFTA

In April, the government Old Age Grant increased by R60 (4.4%) to R1 410 per month . . . still far short of what you’d need for the cheapest rent, food and medical care.

With this month’s 14.25% hike in Eskom tariffs following hot on the heels of the latest fuel price increase, you don’t need to be a mathematical genius to realise that state pensioners are now worse off than ever!

Even those who’ve saved hard all their lives for their retirement cannot keep their heads above water. A private pension of R4 000 or R5 000, which seemed adequate 10 years ago, now barely covers chronic medicines and doctors’ bills.

The result is that sad cases such as that of Mrs H (which you can read about in the latest news) are on the increase. Whilst TAFTA is committed to finding innovative and sustainable new solutions, there will always be a need for the community to help shoulder the burden of caring for our aged.

Thankfully, our Durban community has many caring people willing to do just that! Thank you sincerely for everything you do to help.


Margie Smith
Chief Executive Officer