16Jul, 2015

Harsh reality of getting old

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For years Mrs H. lived happily with her youngest son in a retirement flat in Durban. As time wore on and she became frail and weak, she depended on him more and more to pay the bills and keep the place clean.

Then one day he went out and didn’t come back. After a week, a concerned neighbour called us. Our social worker found the flat filthy and Mrs H. lying unwashed in bed, with nothing but a few morsels of stale food in the place.

Mrs H was sent to hospital and while she was there, she was evicted from her flat because the rent hadn’t been paid in months. This frail old lady was now homeless. Because she has a private pension of just over R2 000 a month, she doesn’t qualify for state help. But the cost of care is far more than this – so no home will take her.

Thank goodness for caring supporters like you, who make it possible for TAFTA to step in and ensure that elderly men and women like Mrs H receive the care they need to live out their lives in dignity. Without your help, we do not know what would become of them.