22Jul, 2015

Durban Bowling Club celebrates Women’s Day

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Join in the Women’s Day celebrations with the Durban Bowling Club.

When: Monday 10 August 2015

Time: 9am

Entrance fee: R100 per person (includes tea, sandwhiches and lunch)

Contact Margaret 072 049 3131 | margie@vdlingen.net or Charmaine 079 782 0611 to enter.

Order of events: 1 game of 12 ends
Tea & sandwhiches

1 game of 12 ends

1 game of 15 ends


In celebration of Women’s Day the Durban Bowling Club wishes to salute not only women but the elderly – parents who always provided a safe haven for their children, who always gave out hugs, words of encouragement and comfort.

Members realise that they too will never remain young and so in honouring senior persons, they are requesting you, your family and friends please donate any used linen, cushions, blankets, duvets, duvet covers, towels etc to the elderly in our care.